Here is the list of all programs implemented in TBN2VLX:

  1. SEC2PTS, Creates points starting from all sections
  2. MLH2, Draw coordinate mesh
  3. DWG2HTML, Exports tables that have been exploded to Html
  4. MEMORIAIS, Generates descriptive descriptions
  5. EXPGE, Export drawing entities to KML
  6. READKML, Import KML
  7. PLN, number the vertices of the Polylines
  8. PPT, create points at the vertices Of the polylines
  9. PLH, create table of vertices Of the polyline
  10. AUTOCOTA, quote polylines
  11. AUTOAREA, create area text Of polylines
  12. PT2PT, convert topograph, posicao and civil 3d points
  13. LIGARPONTOS, connect cogo points in Civil 3D