The LIGARPONTOS connects Civil 3D dots in a more efficient way

It will be useful in topographic survey drawings, when you want to connect points.

To use the program:

  1. After loading LIGARPONTS.VLX with APPLOAD, type LIGARPONTOS on the command line
  2. The following items will be requested on the command line:
  3. Now select the points. Note that the use of Window selections (points that are within the window), Crossing (points that are in or cross the window), Fence (points that cross the line deselecting) Are very encouraged because you will process many more points at once
  4. Wait for the program to process
  5. Note that you will create LINE in 3D. This makes it easier to edit any line that has been incorrectly connected. To merge the rows, use the AutoCAD JOIN command.

This program is very simple and any suggestions for improvement will be very welcome !!