The SEC2PTS creates AutoCAD POINTS using template sections and a reference axis.

To use the command:

  1. Call it from the command line: SEC2PTS.
  2. You can choose to save the result to a text file or draw points in AutoCAD
  3. Respond if you want to configure the program before processing
  4. If you want, the following screen will be displayed:

    In it, set the items corresponding to the image below:

  5. Note also that:
    1. The polyline that will be processed must be a LWPOLYLINE that is in the layer indicated on the screen above
    2. The text that contains the stake is a TEXT and should be in the form 000 + 000,000 . It should be in the space between the highest horizontal line of the grid and the magenta line of the image above. This magenta line Is at a distance that can be set on the screen above
    3. The text that contains the quota is a TEXT and must be in the format 000.000 and will be searched from the LEFT side of the grid, between the vertical line to the left of the grid And the vertical magenta line, which is at a distance that can be configured in the above screen. If there is more than one text, the higher will be the one chosen. Note that the insertion point of this text may be slightly higher than your line. So if the text is above the line the distance will be positive and if it is Below will be negative.
    4. Note that the initial stake in the alignment may not be zero. Then enter the correct value in the settings screen, with the value of the progressive stake
    5. Also tell me how much a stake measures. It's the Station Indexof civil 3d
    6. In order for the program to calculate the relative position of each vertex of the section polyline relative to the axis, enter the line that represents it in the
    7. In the example, we redo the MDT (terrain triangulation) so the polyline to be projected is the cross section of the terrain. Select the layer it is in
    8. In the settings screen you can save this data for later use. To do this click the Save button
    9. After all the fields are filled out, click the OK
    10. Now click the the polyline that represents the alignment in plan.
    11. Finally, you must select the lines in the cross sections that represent the axis. Since you have informed the layer they are in, you can use a "Window" or "Crossing" selection
    12. Wait and see the result
  6. Select the polyline that will serve as reference alignment

This program is very simple and any suggestion for improvement will be very welcome !!