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Engineering Plugins




Rain equations

The real Black Friday, the one you've been waiting for all year!!

Incredible prices on AutoCAD and civil 3D plugins you most want, check out:

Urban drainage and sewage
U$ 270

Parcel legal descriptions
U$ 135

AutoCAD plugins( expge, readkml, importgmmap and more 11 plugins!!!)
U$ 190

Plugins for civil 3d, already included the notaserv2, the best service notes plugin that exists!!
U$ 270

U$ 200

Import/Export KML files
U$ 55

Unbelievable?? Not!!!
You already know me!!

Promotion valid only for tbn2net WhatsApp contacts
Add me: +55 41 98884 3044

Valid until November 15, 2018

2018-11-06 13:01:41

Do you work with the rural environmental register?

So you're probably using EXPGE in your work, correct?

And if I said that it has a better version, that can do local coordinates transformation, export blocks as they are, export the hatchery with its appearance, can export also in KMZ format, besides KML?

What if I said that it runs faster and can still come with other plugins for a special price?

In this offer, you can acquire the license of the following plugins:

EXPGE2 - To export from AutoCAD to KML / KMZ

READKML2 - Pto import KML / KMZ into AutoCAD

IMPORTGMMAP - To import color images from Bing Maps and Google Maps into AutoCAD, georeferenced, with the option of creating mosaics with hundreds of images

IMPORTGMPTS - To import point mesh with Bing Maps and Google Maps dimensions, into AutoCAD

STREETVIEW - Want to work with the Google StreetView screen inside AutoCAD? This plugin makes this possible !!!

You can improve this offer, can not you? Yes, so it takes: it takes the whole TBN2CAD package!!!

But, what value, you will ask. The value is only U$ 211!! That's right!!!, only U$ 211. Payment will be by PayPal or MercadoPago, okay?

To get the special offer, contact by Whatsapp / telegram: +55 41 98884 3044 and say: TBN2CAD is the best!!!

Promotion valid until November 30, 2018

2018-10-13 10:14:39
Bom dia meus amigos!!!

Esta postagem é fora do contexto da página, mas em fim...

Preciso vender meu apartamento em São Luis-MA.

Caso queira saber mais sobre ele, veja aqui

  • São Luís - MA
  • Bairro Calhau
  • Avenida Neiva Moreira, 300
  • Condomínio Grand Park
  • Edifício Ipê
  • Apartamento 802
Principais características
  • Apto projetado, nascente
  • Sala de estar/Jantar
  • Wc Social
  • 3 Dormitorios, sendo 1 suite
  • Cozinha
  • Area de Serviço com bancada
  • 76 m² Área Útil
Características Gerais
  • Armários cozinha
  • Armários quartos
  • Garagem coberta
  • Sala de Estar
  • Sala de Visita
  • Varanda
Áreas Comuns
  • Churrasqueira
  • Elevador
  • Piscina
  • Piscina Infantil
  • Playground
  • Portaria 24 Horas
  • Quadra poliesportiva
  • Sala de Ginástica
  • Salão de Festa
Mapa de localização
2018-08-14 11:47:47
Civil 3D tutorials (in brazilian portugues)
Calculation of earthworks distribution
Program for calculating drainage and urban sewage networks
Subassemblies for Civil 3D
Plugins for AutoCAD and Civil 3D write in Visual Lisp
Program for generating legal descriptions
Package of plugins for Civil 3D
Package of plugins for CAD

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