To install any program from TBN2NET:

  1. Locate the plugin at this link:
  2. Click the plugin link, where you will see a link to the help of how to use the plugin, download link, and even a price list for when you want to buy the plugin, Reminding you that you can use the program for free some and no limitations for 15 days, you just need to Register on the site.
  3. If the plugin runs within AutoCAD, close AutoCAD before installing
  4. Remove previous versions so you do not give conflict
  5. After downloading the plugin, unzip it all into one same folder
  6. Unlock the DLLs and help files by right-clicking on Each of the files and in the General tab, click unlock, if it exists
  7. For plugins that run within AutoCAD and are LISP, such as EXPGE, for example, you should use the APPLOAD command to load the file PLUG_NAME.VLX, where plugin name is the name of the plugin you downloaded
  8. Plugins that only have DLLs, such as C3DRENESG4, TBN2CAD, TBN2C3D, DDM and C3DMEMO should be loaded with the command NETLOAD And you should select the version compatible with the version of your AutoCAD. For What version of the DLL you have to load with netload, open the File README.txt in the program package.
  9. The tool menu did not load? Try the PLUG_NAME menu command, Where name of the plugin is the name of the plugin you downloaded (example: EXPGE menu) If you have not loaded yet, try the MENULOAD command and select PLUG_NAME.CUIX

If an error occurs during installation, see: Installation Errors


Tip: Do you want to use the plugin on more than one machine? Then close AutoCAD and MOVE the entire plugin folder to a thumb drive. He will be Your hardlock, so just plug the pendrive into the machine before calling the plugin in AutoCAD.