The command IMPORTGMMAP matter image from Google Maps or Bing Maps and inserts in AutoCAD, georeferencing the image.

If you want to import a mosaic of images, use the command IMPORTGMMAP2 .

To use the command:
  1. Call it from the command line (command IMPORTGMMAP ), on the toolbar, or ribbon
  2. Will be asked to report to the image center. Click the center of your drawing in AutoCAD
  3. Then be asked where to save the image.
    If you want to overwrite an existing file, it will be possible only if it is not in use.
    If the IMPORTGMMAP will rename the new file.
  4. On the screen that opens, configure:

  5. Reference
    Select the reference to be used to convert the coordinates in UTM and Geographic coordinates to convert the system coordinates to WGS84, which is the reference used in Google Earth. In Brazil, normally AutoCAD drawings are georeferenced system SAD69 or SIRGAS 2000. You can edit the values clicking:

    On the screen that opens, set the reference options:

    It is very important to read the above screen explanation
  6. Click OK
    The image file will be inserted into AutoCAD:

For larger areas, make more than one image, covering the entire area with a mosaic of images. Thus the final resolution will be better.

For convenience, use the command IMPORTGMMAP2.