CARIMBOSV fills the staking in sheets that show sectionviews of Civil 3D

First, consider Civil 3D's Section Viewwill be inside a sheet and it has a block with attributes:

One of them will inform the pegs of the section range shown:

Now, to use the command:

  2. Select the blocks of the drawing. How can they have stamps With name starting with * (for the case of dynamic blocks This happens a lot)
  3. What is the name of the sheet block - Enter the name of the block representing the sheet, or This value will filter the selection made in step above
  4. Please wait for the program to process the section views that are Within each sheet. Note: Each block of the stamp must be Contain a Section View
  5. What is the name of the attribute - Enter the name of the block stamp attribute that will be Completed
  6. What is the line template - Enter a sentence as template. Use these fields to Fill in the information:

    It would produce something like this:
    SAMPLED SECTIONS  - KM 100 + 300 TO KM 100 + 400 FL. 01/10
  7. What is the Initial ref - If the first sheet is not Sheet 1, please tell us what will be
  8. What is the total number of references - If the first sheet is not sheet 1, the program adds The number of sheets processed to the number of the initial sheet
  9. Wait for the program to process and see the result:

This program is very simple and any suggestion for improvement will be very welcome !!