Given the many requests from thousands of EXPGE users, finally make available a suite of tools to facilitate the work with maps within the AutoCAD environment, using the excellent base maps provided by Google and Microsoft.

Are present commands to import or export drawings of maps to Google Earth and AutoCAD and vice versa. There are also tools to import images from Google Maps and Bing maps directly into AutoCAD, already georeferenced which greatly simplifies the preparation of thematic maps that need a picture.

All the tools provided in this package are my own and are made available as they are.

These tools can be used to test for free, and if you are interested in purchasing a license to use one or more tools available here, please contact me.

More information and terms of use should be read in LICENSE AGREEMENT, available in the package.

No more, thanks for using my programs!

AutoCAD is a registered trademark of Autodesk. Bing Maps is a registered trademark of Microsoft.
Google Earth, Google Maps are trademarks of Google Inc.
Neyton Luiz Dalle Molle
Civil Engineering