The great success of the first version of NOTASERV, and meeting customer needs, I developed NOTASERV².

It has the main features of the first version and now has many more information that will be useful in the service notes.

To use the program, call it at the command line: NOTASERV2 and select the alignments. If your drawing has FeatureLines, it will be the selection of them, as well as the NOTASERV² can generate service notes as well! The following screen opens:

On this screen, we see the different frames:

  1. At the top, toolbar. In it you will you can save the template or open a saved
  2. On the left side, the properties table alignments, profiles, sections and corridors. In it you will choose property which fill the table template column
  3. On the right side, the configuration table, the formatting of these properties. If you either the station for example, can format it as raw station, indexed, or as decimal
  4. At the bottom, the table template, organizes the columns of the resulting table, and informs the program which profiles, corridors, and sections values


After configuring the table, in order for the program to process the service note, click the OK button. To be request where to save the HTML file or XLSX with the results.

To close Notaserv², click the Close button.

To view this help, click the Help button.

If you wish, You can draw the resulting table in your drawing by clicking the Draw button. Click the insertion point and the table will be designed with the current style of AutoCAD tables (use the TABLESTYLE command if needed)

If you want, click the Save button to save the layout and table options in an option file. The file will have the extension *.ntsv and you will be able to use it in other projects.

In the TBN2C3D folder, there is a folder with some templates ready to use. Test it with your drawing!!!

In the image below, we see the result of the template "corridor without bench.ntsv" available in the program package:

Below are the errors found in processing:

How to create a template and get a report

  1. Call NOTASERV² on the command line
  2. Select the alignments
  3. Select FeatureLines (they will be treated as alignment and profile at the same time)
  4. Load a preconfigured template by clicking the Open
  5. If you do not have a template ready, create a new template, for this:
    1. Choose the property table for your property (Alignment / Station Set / Station) for example
    2. Choose the options for formatting the property in the Settings panel
    3. Click the button Add Column
    4. Repeat this operation until the add all necessary columns
    5. Add lines at the top of the template by clicking the Add line
    6. Format these lines by merging, typing the titles, and so on. Note that these titles will be repeated for each table you create, you have selected more than one alignment. See more options at Toolbar
  6. Click the Execute button if you want to save the result in HTML or XLSX, or the Draw button, if you want to draw the result on the AutoCAD screen