The command MPERFIL has been developed to facilitate the creation of surface profiles of various alignments at once.

Not uncommon to have an allotment with "N" alignments that we need to design street profiles and the task of creating these primitive profiles can become quite time consuming if we have many alignments. I myself have done for over 30 ... And worse, if we also make profiles board track, then it already multiplies.

So come on, have their various alignments and its land surface in the following section call the MPERFIL

You will be prompted to select the alignments, then opens this screen:

Here you can set the style, layer, surface label set (for what is still a mystery), you must also set a prefix to the name of the profile and the offset to be used to generate the profile.
At the offset, let ZERO to the shaft, or set a negative value to the left or positive value to the right.

Finally, click the "OK" button

Note that if you use a template where you can save the settings on this screen by clicking the save button at the bottom left of it.