SOLIDOS - program for device modeling and sizing

The SOLIDOS plugin is a program for modeling parametric and 3D devices, for current works of art projects, in addition to dimensioning urban drainage and sewage networks. The plugin runs inside autodesk Civil 3D, to make use of alignments, profiles and surfaces.

As it runs within Civil 3D, it is not necessary to export the project or even the network to external programs, dimension it and then import the results into the drawing or manually modify the drawing.

Using Civil 3D tools and exclusive plug-in tools, it is possible to launch the network, without worrying about elevations or diameters, only with the position. This allows drawings to be prepared for printing even before sizing.

After that, the designer makes use of the plugin sizing machine, which interprets the chosen network showing the spreadsheet dynamically, Where: the values can be edited and reflected in the project immediately.

Upstream or downstream elevations can be modified graphically or manually, in several or one section at a time. Sections can be arbitrated in one leg and the subsequent ones will be changed automatically. The structures will be replaced to be compatible with the tubes that reach it.

The SOLIDOS program has several rain equations from all over the country and it is very simple to add other equations. In sewage networks there are several methods of population growth forecast, since the network is dimensioned at the beginning and at the end of the project period. The generation of reports and quantitative data automated by the plugin, with the possibility of inserting dynamic tables in the project or external reports.

Thinking about serving the national market, the SOLIDOS plugin has a parts catalog compatible with those seen in the DNIT Device album and a parts catalog compatible with the DER-SP Device album, more complete.

The SOLIDOS plugin has been developed thinking to include the functions of C3DRENESG, plugin for dimensioning drainage and sewage networks, also authored by this developer. All functions implemented in C3DRENESG are present in the SOLIDOS plugin and have been improved.

The plugin does not use the Civil 3D PipeNetwork. It has serious limitations that have prevented upgrades to C3DRENESG for years. For modeling, an environment similar to autodesk Subassembly Composerwas developed, Where: a flowchart describes the device's 3D modeling, with dozens of easy-to-use tools.

The networks do not necessarily have to be drained or drained. The modeler was thought to be more general, so it is possible to create devices for other purposes.

The first version SOLIDOS was launched in 2020.

Neyton Luiz Dalle Molle
Civil engineer
[email protected]