C3DRENESG - Design urban drainage and sewage networks

The C3DRENESG is a program for design urban drainage and sewage networks that runs inside of Autodesk Civil 3D. It uses the feature PipeNetworks making the launch of networks and profiles very convenient and fast.

As it runs within Civil 3D, you do not need to export the project or even network to external programs, scale and then import the results into drawing or manually modify the design.

Using the tools of Civil 3D, it is possible to launch the network, without worrying about elevations or diameters, only the position. This enables the drawings are prepared for printing even before design.

After that, the designer makes use of C3DRENESG, which plays the selected network showing the spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet is smart and is designed to make the process sizing the faster possible, providing the calculation result immediately after some changes be made.

Elevations upstream or downstream can be modified graphically or manually in several or a piece at a time. Sections may be arbitrated at a segment and subsequent will be changed automatically. Structures are replaced so that are compatible with the pipes that come to it.

The program C3DRENESG has several equations of rain across the country and very simple to add other equations. In the sewage there are several methods predicting population growth, since the network is dimensioned at the beginning and end of the project period. The reporting is automated in the Civil 3D environment.

The C3DRENESG has been developed with the feedback from customers, we always suggest improvements to the program and are served as quickly as possible. Much of what the program is today, was a direct request from customers.

The first version C3DRENESG was released in 2008, based on an earlier version written in visual lisp that developed for their own use since 2000.

At the moment C3DRENESG is sizing gutters and ditches, using alignments. Thus, it is possible to analyze the flow graphically, since the program calculates at regular intervals on the alignment.

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