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Rain equations

Another year that passes, one more next year !!! No I will not put "So it's Christmas" to play, hehehe

Let's do promotion!!! This is for everyone!!! Black Friday was a success with the customers I already have, now it's your turn to enjoy it too!!!

The plugins you already know with incredible prices, see:

C3DRENESG4 - Dimensioning of urban drainage and sewage networks of U$ 750, for U$ 450

TBN2CAD - Several plugins for AutoCAD, U$ 360 by U$ 240, that's right!!! EXPGE2, READKML2, IMPORTGMMAP, IMPORTGMPTS, STREETVIEW and more 8 super useful plugins for several uses!!!

TBN2C3D - Plugins for Civil 3D, de U$ 600, por U$ 360!!!, In it comes the plugins: NOTASERV2, MCORREDOR, MPERFIL, MMATERIAL, MSAMPLELINE, MCORRSURF and more 15 super useful plugins!!!

C3DMEMO - Plugin para memoriais descritivos, de 1000 por 600 reais!!! Ainda não o conhece? visite a página!!!!

DDM - Plugin distribution of earthworks, U$ 450 by U$ 240 !!!

EXPGE - To export/import drawings from AutoCAD to Google Earth , yes you could not miss!!! From U$ 120 to U$ 75!!!

Oh, would you like to test the plugins before you buy?? No problem, just register, download the plugin and use!!! you are invited to test for 15 days at no cost!!!

Promotion is valid until 31-12-2017
Contact us by whatsapp +55 98 99995 3538 to know how to get with this discount !!!

2017-12-13 21:32:38
Olha só, eu tinha um fórum aqui na página. Mas graças a esse porcaria de phpbb, ele foi infestado por spammers. Bom, já era. Talvez um dia volte.
2017-11-30 19:43:46

Do you use Autodesk Civil 3D to do your projects?

So this offer is for you !!!

The drainage and sewage project is usually one of the most laborious because it has an enormous amount of information and details.

The development of the project is time consuming, especially when we use external worksheets, since we have to read the dimensions, slopes, etc. in the drawing, and then fill in these worksheets.

After this step, it is necessary to draw the results in the project, either in plan or in profile, in addition to creating the reports of quantities and design.

So, now know the C3DRENESG4 - Design of drainage systems and urban sewage.

In the image below, you can see the drainage worksheet:

In this other image, we see the contributions basin worksheet:

And the profiles? In Civil 3D, they look very well presented:

Now, a quantity worksheet:

To help you, I made some videos that are on YouTube

The plugin is 50% off, that's right, 50% !!!

To get the special offer, contact us through Whatsapp/telegram: (98) 99995 3538 and say: C3DRENESG4 is the best!!!

Promotion valid until November 30, 2017

2017-10-31 19:38:20
Package of plugins for AutoCAD, ZWCAD, GstarCAD and BricsCAD
Package of plugins for Civil 3D
Calculation of urban drainage and sewage networks
Plugin for creation of legal descriptions of parcels
Calculation of earthworks distribution
Plugins for AutoCAD and Civil 3D write in Visual Lisp
Subassemblies for Civil 3D
Civil 3D tutorials (in brazilian portugues)

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