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Rain equations

Do you use Autodesk Civil 3D to do your projects?

So this offer is for you !!!

One of the most massive tasks is the extraction of reports, whether they are for location, volume, curve tables....

Especially when your client's template is full of details which makes it difficult to extract Reports from Civil 3D Reports. And when does it have to regenerate, why did it change the axis ??

Wow, I've been through a lot already.

So, now know the NOTASERV2 - - To extract advanced reports on Civil 3D!!!

In the image below, you can see how it creates the report template, which you can save and use again later:

Now, see a possible result:

Here I chose to export to HTML, but it is possible to export directly to M$ EXCEL !!! Oh, and you can format the columns as you want, see:

To help you, I made some videos that are on YouTube

But, what value, you will ask. The value is only 600 BRL (brazillian)!!! That's right!!!, only 600 BRL. Payment will be by transfer, PayPal or MercadoPago, okay?

To get the special offer, contact by Whatsapp / telegram: +55 (98) 99995 3538 and say: The NOTASERV2 is the best!!!

Promotion valid until October 31, 2017

2017-10-03 15:51:48

Do you work with the CAR (rural environmental register)?

So you're probably using EXPGE in your work, correct?

And if I said that it has a better version, that can do local coordinates transformation, export blocks as they are, export the hatchery with its appearance, can you export in KMZ as well as KML?

What if I said that it runs faster and can still come with other plugins for a special price?

In this offer, you can purchase the following plugins license:

EXPGE2 - To export from AutoCAD to KML/KMZ (license value: 400 reais, it takes readkml2 too)

READKML2 - To import KML/KMZ into AutoCAD (license value: R$ 400, take expge2 as well)

IMPORTGMMAP - To import color images from Bing Maps and Google Maps into AutoCAD, geo-referenced, with the option to create mosaics with hundreds of images (license value: R$ 250)

IMPORTGMPTS - To import points with elevations from Google Maps and Bing Maps (license amount: R$ 200)

STREETVIEW - Do you want to work with the Google StreetView screen inside AutoCAD? This plugin makes this possible !!! (license amount: R$ 200)

But, what's the value, you will ask. The value is only R$ 600!!! That's right!!!, only R$ 600. Payment will be by transfer, okay?

To get the special offer, contact Whatsapp / Telegram at +55 98 99995 3538 and say: TBN2CAD is the best!!!

Promotion valid until September 30, 2017

2017-08-17 12:42:56
Boa noite!!!,

Hoje inicia mais uma promoção no site TBN2NET!!!

Isso mesmo, a promoção que você estava esperando começou!!!

O site TBN2NET mudou de endereço e para comemorar, todos os plugins com desconto!!!

E não é black fraude não, é 50% de desconto em todos os plugins, até o dia 28 de julho de 2017!!!

São diversos plugins para engenharia que com certeza irão ajudar muito nos seus projetos, por exemplo:
NOTASERV2, o melhor plugin para criação de notas de serviço no Autodesk Civil 3D
C3DRENESG4, para dimensionamento de redes de drenagem e esgoto urbanos no Autodesk Civil 3D
TBN2C3D, coleção de plugins para o Civil 3D (notas de serviço, perfis, quantitativos...)
TBN2CAD, coleção de plugins para AutoCAD (inclui o EXPGE, READKML, IMPORTGMMAP e muito mais!!!)
C3DMEMO, para criar memoriais descritivos e tabelas de loteamentos (o melhor plugin deste segmento, sem dúvida!!!), roda no AutoCAD e no Civil 3D
DDM, para cálculo e distribuição de volumes de terraplenagem em rodovias e ferrovias (o melhor plugin deste segmento, sem dúvida!!!)

Gostaria de testar os plugins antes? Sim, você pode, sem custo algum!!!

Suporte? Claro, tem vários vídeos no YouTube, todos os pluguins tem ajuda com tutoriais em português e você pode tirar suas dúvias pelo WhatsApp/Telegram/Skype/Email

Como consigo o desconto? Simples, é só entrar em contato (whatsapp 98 99995 3538) e dizer: EU QUERO MEU DESCONTO!!!

Detalhe: promoção válida para os plugins individuais! os pacotes TBN2CAD e TBN2C3D sempre tem desconto, inclusive maior que este da promoção!!!
2017-07-02 19:55:48
Package of plugins for AutoCAD, ZWCAD, GstarCAD and BricsCAD
Package of plugins for Civil 3D
Calculation of urban drainage and sewage networks
Plugin for creation of legal descriptions of parcels
Calculation of earthworks distribution
Plugins for AutoCAD and Civil 3D write in Visual Lisp
Subassemblies for Civil 3D
Civil 3D tutorials (in brazilian portugues)

Say something!!!